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Aquaman is the biggest DC Extended Universe movie

By Kelvin Owens

No longer will the "meanwhile Aquaman is making a sandwich" jokes fly, as the King of the seas is now the King of DC movies. The film has earned more box office bucks then any other DC Extended Universe movie.  Not only did it beat out Suicide Squad and what has been held by many as the best of the DC movies Wonder Woman , it beat out their biggest box office titan in world wide sales Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
 Via Entertainment Weekly,  As of Saturday January 5th, Dawn of Justice made $863 million at the global box office – Aquaman is already at $887 million, after just two weeks in theaters.
Do you think this is a sign for DC to go a bit more loose with their films or just a one of one?  Sitting at a 80% AUDIENCE SCORE over at Rottentomatoes the fans seem to think that this is the right track for the future of DC.

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