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Child’s Play Remake Introduces Buddi In New Clip

By Kelvin Owens

Buddi aka Chucky is getting a foe real-life roll out. Orion isn’t taking any chances on the upcoming Child’s Play remake. To ensure that it’s firmly in mind for the next half a year, the distributor has launched an  official website that promotes the brand new “Buddi” doll and all of its features. For instance, it’s got cloud-based voice recognition, the ability to understand the tone and inflection of the person it’s listening to, spatial awareness, and is apparently bi-lingual in both English and Spanish. 

Before the trailer premiere this Friday, MGM and Orion have released a clip for the upcoming Child’s Play remake, setting the stage for the all-new “Buddi” doll. Check it out in the player below!

So much Chucky, are you looking forward to it?