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Dave Bautista to Join Legendary Pictures's 'Dune' Reboot

By Kelvin Owens

No matter how still he stands we will be seeing a lot of Dave Bautista in 2019. In an exclusive to  Variety, it has just been announced that Dave Bautista will be joining Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in the Dune reboot directed by Denis Villeneuve. It will be a reteaming  for Villeneuve and Bautista as the two worked together on Blade Runner 2049. 
The Dune reboot is based on the classic 1965 Frank Herbert novel that was famously turned into a 1984 film by David Lynch. Eric Roth wrote the script. Chalamet is playing the film’s lead, Paul Atreides, who attempts to lead a revolution to regain control of the planet Arrakis as well as the valuable spice trade take from his family. Ferguson is his mother, Lady Jessica, and Bautista will play “Beast” Rabban, the “the sadistic nephew of a baron who oversees Arrakis,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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