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Final Destination Reboot in the Works

By Kelvin Owens

In the early 2000s Final Destination ruled the horror market for New Line, it seems that it is time for them to try it again. In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, New Line has hired scary movie writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to pen the script. Melton and Dunstan won the third season of “Project Greenlight” and wrote the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh “Saw” movies for Lionsgate.
The first movie was directed by James Wong and starred Devon Sawa and Ali Larter, making $112 million worldwide on only a $23 million budget. Four more installments followed through 2011, with the franchise balancing shock, blood, and laughs while being a consistent moneymaker for New Line — grossing almost $700 million. In the first “Final Destination,” a high school student played by Devon Sawa has a premonition the plane he’s about to board will explode, leading to several passengers being left behind before the plane actually explodes. The survivors are then killed in a series of bizarre accidents. 
There's no release date or plot details as of yet, but the word is that we are indeed looking at a full-on revitalization as the franchise looks to start over from scratch.