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By Kelvin Owens

Filming is currently underway in Manchester on “Morbius, The Living Vampire,” the second of Sony’s Spider-Man universe spin-off films following last year’s “Venom”.

New photos from the set, which is doubling for New York City, have gone online today showcasing actors Jared Leto and Matt Smith along with director Daniel Espinosa. Leto appears to be wearing an outfit which appears to be a copy of the 2013 comic run.

Smith is widely believed that he will be playing Loxias Crown, a villain known as Hunger. Morbius has a July 31, 2019 release and is a part of the Sony Spider-Man spinoff universe. The flick also stars Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, and Tyrese Gibson. 

His outfit is definitely from the 2013 run of Morbius. #Morbius  pic.twitter.com/4bqGbHWbW8

That was a fun afternoon/evening taking photos around the set of Spider-Man spin-off #morbius in Manchester. Got a decent shot of Matt Smith too.  pic.twitter.com/xeSPvMGKuY

The STARBURST set spies are out as Morbius is filming around the corner from Moonbase Alpha. No sign of the main man yet.  pic.twitter.com/31w13DslQt