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Saints Row Movie From Straight Outta Compton Director Announced

By Kelvin Owens

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According to Deadline “The Fate of the Furious” and “The Italian Job” helmer F. Gary Gray has been set to direct a film adaptation of the popular action-adventure video game franchise “Saints Row” for Fenix Studios, Koch Media and Occupant Entertainment.

Created and published by Volition/Deep Silver, the four games in the series tell the story of the rise of the Third Street Saints as they battle rival gangs, furries, and even aliens in an attempt to conquer the fictional cities of Stilwater and Steelport, ultimately elevating their leader to President of the United States.

The open world nonlinear games with action-adventure and racing sequences seemingly started out as an often adult-oriented and hilarious parody of “Grand Theft Auto”-style games and went in an increasingly outlandish direction as time went on. It remains one of the best-selling game franchises of recent years.

Greg Russo, who is also spearheading the “Resident Evil” and “Mortal Kombat” reboots, has been hired to write the screenplay for the film version. Gray is currently in post-production on “Men in Black: International” opening in June.