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By Kelvin Owens

   Tolkien’s Elf Princess: Edith Bratt   
   Even as Tolkien found companionship, solidarity, and adventure with the TCBS, he was also finding unexpected common ground with a resident at Mrs. Faulkner’s boarding house, Edith Ann Bratt, a rising young talent studying to become a concert pianist. Three years older than Tolkien, at first, she was just an intriguing housemate. But in 1909, they fell in love, which led Tolkien on one of his first and greatest quests. When Tolkien’s guardian, Father Francis Morgan, decided Edith was spinning Tolkien’s head away from his schoolwork, he banned them from dating. Yet even when Edith got engaged to another man, Tolkien continued to dream of reuniting.

   “Tolkien and Edith had such a deep love and a connection that it could never be broken,” says actress Lily Collins who takes on the vital role. “They were each other’s escape but also each other’s reality.”
Collins’ recent roles include RULES DON’T APPLY, OKJA, and the upcoming BBC miniseries adaptation of “Les Miserables.” At first, it was her resemblance to the real-life Edith that caught Karukoski’s eye. “They look so much alike, it’s uncanny,” says the director. “And then I saw that Lily has that same inner warmth that I feel Edith must have had. There’s so much texture to her emotions that you can see why the young Tolkien became so enraptured with her.”

Says producer Kris Thykier, “We all feel Nick Hoult is becoming one of the great actors of his generation—and then we found his match in Lily Collins, who is simply luminous as Edith. Together on screen, they are magnetic. They managed to tap into that sense of two lost souls who find each other and etch out a bond that’s eternal.”