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The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep to Release November 2019

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By Kelvin Owens

 "Doctor Sleep" the highly anticipated sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining was wrapped back in December. Seeing how that was more than a year before its January 2020 release date, it was only a matter of “when” it might get bumped up.

Its release date moved up from January 2020 to November 8, 2019. The film stars Ewan McGregor as an adult Danny Torrance, and Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) is directing.

Published in 2013, Doctor Sleep deals with the aftermath of the trauma suffered by Danny during the events of The Shining, first as a child and then later in adulthood. Struggling with anger control and alcoholism, Dan eventually finds a positive use for his psychic abilities by working in a hospice and helping to ease patients' passing, which earns him the nickname 'Doctor Sleep'. This peaceful life is interrupted, however, when Dan is called upon to help a young girl who also has the shining, and who is being targeted by a group of malevolent individuals.

Flanagan has proven himself to be a powerful creative force in the horror genre, with last year's Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House (an adaptation of the novel by Shirley Jackson) becoming one of the most talked-about horror TV shows in recent memory. Critics and audiences alike praised The Haunting of Hill House for its chilling atmosphere, compelling characters, and creepy hidden details (like the ghosts hiding in the background of many scenes).

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