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By Kelvin Owens

Its Netflix bitch! According to  The Hollywood Reporter, the feature-length film will pick up where the series left off, with a story centered around Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) immediately following his escape from the white supremacists’ compound at the end of season five.

The movie continuation of AMC’s acclaimed series “Breaking Bad” will reportedly air on Netflix and AMC. The series aired originally on AMC with seasons subsequently becoming available on Netflix for streaming, but it would appear with the film the roles will be reversed with Netflix scoring the first window. Once completed, the film will initially premiere on Netflix, which has acquired its first-run rights, THR reports. It will subsequently air on AMC — the home to Breaking Bad during its five-season TV run. A release date has not yet been set.

It remains to be seen which Breaking Bad cast members will be joining Paul in the film, though a leaked cast list includes Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, as well as Krysten Ritter (Jane), Jonathan Banks (Mike), Jesse Plemons (Todd), Charles Baker (Skinny Pete), Matt Jones (Badger), Robert Forster (Ed), Tess Harper (Mrs. Pinkman), and Kevin Rankin (Kenny).

​Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein also produce.