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Marvel Is Recasting WOLVERINE for the MCU

X-Men Series Legion Has Cast Its Professor X

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By Kelvin Owens

David Haller’s father is coming home: FX’s Legion has cast Game of Thronesveteran Harry Lloyd to play X-Men leader Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, in the upcoming third and final season, the network has confirmed. The show’s official Twitter revealed the casting news confirming that some very important (but as-yet-unseen) X-Men characters will be entering the story at last.

Noah Hawley is pleased to announce two guest castings for the final year of #LegionFX

Stephanie Corneliussen will play David Haller’s mother, “Gabrielle,” and Harry Lloyd will play his father, “Professor X.”
— Legion (@LegionFX) February 5, 2019

Lloyd played Daenerys’ ill-fated brother Viserys Targaryen in the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. (Viserys was memorably murdered by Daenerys’ husband Khal Drogo.) Currently, Lloyd plays Peter Quayle on the J.K. Simmons Starz drama Counterpart. His other TV credits include Manhattan and Wolf Hall.

In the comics, Gabrielle Haller was a Holocaust survivor who’d spent years in a catatonic state from her traumas, before Charles Xavier was brought in by her doctor to use his psychic powers in an attempt to break through the mental barriers she’d erected. It worked, and in her recovery process, the two eventually fell in love—they had a whirlwind romance in Israel before amicably breaking up, with Xavier leaving Israel unaware that Gabrielle was pregnant with David. 

​Whether or not that’s the story the FX series will keep to, of course, remains to be seen. Legion will return for its third and final season this June.

Have you been keeping up with Legion?